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Your building's heating, cooling, and ventilation is our expertise.
Our priority? your building's indoor air quality.
We'll save you time and money...
We are anchored to technology because it saves everyone time and money. Our goal is simple: avoid costly HVAC problems for our customers through robust preventative maintenance programs and asset audits upon the start of our working relationship.
We built a simple service request form that drives information directly to our managers, not a call center, reducing turnaround times.
We implement a robust preventative maintenance program that aims to avoid costly part failures for our customers, ensuring a longer life cycle for your building's equipment.
We digitize every HVAC, Plumbing and Building Automation Controls asset from the start so we can spend more time solving problems in your building and less time leaning on your personnel for information.
...with our over 90 years of experience.
Our Division Managers have over 90 years of combined experience and each hold Master’s licenses in their respective trades.
We’re taking the best talent in the industry, utilizing the newest technology, and incorporating processes developed after years of figuring it out. We know what works and what doesn’t.
We do it all – from installs to repair services.
Advanced Indoor Resources is your one stop shop for everything HVAC, Building Automation Controls, and Plumbing. We're ready to make your building healthier and smarter – in the most efficient ways possible.
Robust Preventative Maintenance Programs
Emergency HVAC Repair and Part Installation
Comprehensive HVAC Asset Inventory Audit
Tenant / Workplace Improvements
Capital / Development HVAC Planning
Indoor Air Quality Mgmt. and Monitoring
Honeywell Certified Sales & Repair Representative
Rooftop / Commercial
HVAC System Installation
Our Innovative VisionAIR™ System
90% of our lives are spent indoors – in a post pandemic world it’s imperative that we are in an environment that is both comfortable and healthy.
We asked some of the world’s best scientists what really mattered when it comes to healthy indoor air.  They told us Co2, Temperature, PM2.5, PM10, Humidity, VOC’s and Air Exchanges per hour.  With this information in hand we developed and launched VisionAIR™. The VisionAIR™ Platform ensures that the indoor air we breathe is safe.  
VisionAIR™ is the first system that not only monitors the 6 most important factors that determine indoor air quality, it manages the HVAC equipment to keep all of them within the ranges that the CDC, NIOSH, and ASHREA determined to be healthy.  
Trusted by Baltimore.
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