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What's in the AIR: Episode 1

Martin kicks off the new Advanced Indoor Resources web series What's in the Air with an overview of our revolutionary air quality monitoring and management product – VisionAir™, a rundown of the critical factors for ensuring healthy air, and an exciting company announcement.

There was a time when we couldn't see the air we are breathing – that time has ended with the advent of VisionAir™.

VisionAir™ automatically manages the air you breathe in real time according to the healthy levels prescribed by the CDC, ASHREA, and NIOSH.  

VisionAIR monitors the levels of what our scientific advisor's have said are most important: Hourly Air Exchanges, Co2, Temperature, Humidity, VOC's, PM2.5, and PM10.

VisionAir™ is the only trademarked product that allows users to visualize the condition of the air they breathe in real time via our customized dashboards.

VisionAIR makes buildings healthier, smarter, and less costly to operate – making ideal workplaces more attractive to tenants.

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