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In the Air Company Newsletter – October 2021

Friend –

For the past 25 years, I have joked that HVAC and plumbing has only come third to my family and the Grateful Dead. It’s been an honor to provide high quality, efficient services to a series of customers – from Fortune 500 Companies to large hospitals and fellow small businesses in every industry out there.

If you haven’t heard, I founded a new venture called Advanced Indoor Resources or AIR LLC. We’re a growing HVAC, building automation controls, and plumbing start-up founded by longtime experts that will have a major impact on Baltimore City, our region, and our industry.

We opened for business 180 days ago. In that time, we have hired 20 new team members and AIR LLC continues to grow. I am so fortunate to have attracted the best team I have ever been around – opportunity for growth abounds.

We’re setting aside the worst of our industry and doubling down on the best of its technology advancements. Utilizing technology empowers us to provide efficient cost-effective service and total transparency for every transaction.  Our technology Platform allows our clients to see what they are paying for in real time. At the same time, we’re making a point of investing in the city we love: Baltimore. We are growing our staff by hiring and training people in skilled, well-paid jobs that do not require a college degree.

Thank you for all of your support over the years – without the great relationships that I have built over the last two decades, I wouldn’t be building an exciting, new company today.

Please do not hesitate to reach-out. I’d love to discuss my vision for the future of mechanical services and how HVAC, plumbing, and building automation controls management can be more valuable than ever before.

Advanced Indoor Resources. Innovation starts here.

Martin Knott
Advanced Indoor Resources

VisionAir: Innovation with Honeywell

COVID19 has taught us the importance of Indoor Air. Amid an airborne pandemic, our team has prioritized air quality automation, ventilation, and transparent monitoring. A.I.R LLC is pleased to announce that we are a Honeywell Authorized Dealer, and we are utilizing the Honeywell system as the backbone for our new platform called VisionAIR. This platform intelligently ensures that the indoor air we breathe is safe. 90% of our lives on average are spent indoors – it’s imperative that we are in an environment that is both comfortable and healthy.

We have a partnership with Limble that provides unprecedented information to our clients in real time with customized dashboards.

Time & Money Saving Work Order Process

Additionally, we have streamlined the HVAC and plumbing management apparatus – making life easy through technology not only for our technicians but for our clients. Ease and efficiency is our foremost priority. Submitting service requests has never been so simple.

You can scan information gathering QR codes placed on HVAC, Plumbing or building automation controls assets, send a picture, and create a video along with your work order. Easily accessible documentation and identification tools such as these save our clients time and money.

Limble allows us to get every bit of information about the systems we service into the hands of our skilled technicians, so they are getting it right the first time efficiently – preventing less downtime, saving money and headaches too.

Innovative Plumbing Services

In addition to HVAC and building automation controls services, AIR LLC has an advanced plumbing apparatus. We just acquired a new pipe cleaning machine called a Hot Jetter. It has an on-board boiler which has the capability to heat water up to 180 degrees.

High temperature, high pressure water cleans pipes better and faster. To ensure we get it right, we send a small camera down to make sure the job has been completed. Less back-ups equate to continuity of business and a clean working environment.

High temperatures, powerful water pressure, and camera technology saves our clients’ money.

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