Comptroller Brooke Lierman
August 25, 2023

This is the first of a bunch of new releases that were recorded while we attended the ICSC Convention. It is Maryland's Real Estate Extravaganza held annually at the Wynn Las Vegas in May.

You can hear the crowd in the background around the pool, a huge thanks and shout out to Howard Perlow and the Wynn for the set up and space to conduct these interviews.

Comptroller Brooke Lierman grew-up in politics – her father Terry Lierman was Former Majority Leader Steny Hoyer's Chief of Staff. She represented the 46th District in Baltimore City and did a fantastic job, always looking out for her constituents as she built a strong following. This lead her service to to another level – Brooke ran a successful statewide campaign to become the first Woman Comptroller in Maryland History.

We get the whole journey from the beginning. Comptroller Lierman Brooke is determined and she is a hard-working elected official, but since we're in Vegas, we may as well have some fun! She talks about her life outside of politics, especially as an amazing mother who is passionate about her children.

Get a read on what's happening in Las Vegas and what's attracting Maryland's top officials – from the Governor to the Comptroller, County Executives and many others.

We capture Brooke's thoughts coming off her first Legislative session and the first 6 months in office.  She's also got great idea's about how to make the Comptrollers office a place for the people and a modernized office for 2023.

This is a great one and we have our first Angel....what more could we ask for in Vegas...

Thanks Brooke!

The Great Dr. Rev. Al Hathaway (He's Holy) and Martin G. Knott Jr (I'm Knott) bring forward special guests to talk about amazing things that are happening throughout the great city of Baltimore. We will be operating without a net and talking about everything under the sun. Who can stop what must arrive now, something new is waiting to be born!