Rebecca Alban Hoffberger
February 13, 2024

We are back and we have 4 shows lined up for the opening of Season 4. We have some amazing guests coming out over the next four weeks and we are very excited for their release.

Following today's post with Rebecca Hoffberger, we have three more great Marylanders: Keiffer Mitchell, Pat Moran and James Williams of the American Cancer Society. Stay tuned for these Tuesday releases over the next few weeks as we get in the studio with some great new guests.

It's so great to Welcome the great Rebecca Hoffberger.  A visionary for the Visionaries – Visionary Artists that is. She's established one of the most unique treasured Museums in the Country. Rebecca is someone that Rev. Al and I have both known for a long time. She was married to an incredible man who also had a vision: the late Leroy Hoffberger, father to one of my best friends Doug Hoffberger... Smaltimore.

Rebecca has done an incredible job with the American Visionary Arts Museum. How about this fact? AVAM gets more visitors than any museum in Baltimore City and that's saying something given the incredible Museums we have in Baltimore. Rebecca is gifted and she has the most beautiful soul. She's traveled the world and worked with some incredible minds. A life-long devotee of the power of intuition and fresh thought, Hoffberger was accepted into college at age 15 – though she chose instead the personal invitation of internationally renowned mime Marcel Marceau to become his first American apprentice in Paris.

By 19, Rebecca had co-founded her own ballet company and by 21, she was a sought-after consultant to a broad spectrum of nonprofits, including research and scientific development companies. At 25, she was awarded the title of “Dame” for her work to establish medical field hospitals in Nigeria. She then studied alternative and folk medicine in Mexico.

Returning to the States, Hoffberger served on the Board of the Elisabeth Kubler-Ross Center in Virginia and worked as Development Director at the Sinai Hospital’s Department of Psychiatry for People Encouraging People, where she first conceived her unique national visionary museum and education center.

In recognition of this distinguished achievement in the museum field, Hoffberger was awarded the 2011 Katherine Coffey Award by the Mid-Atlantic Association of Museums. Hoffberger has received Honorary Doctorates from the Maryland Institute College of Art, Stevenson University, Pennsylvania College of Art and Design, and McDaniel College, as well as awarded Loyola College's Andrew White Award—the school’s highest civic honor—the College of Notre Dame Sarah's Circle Award, and was selected as Franklin & Marshall College's Conrad Nelson Lecturer.

She is an inductee into the Maryland Women's Hall of Fame, a winner of the Urban Land Institute's National Award for Excellence, Israel Bonds' Golda Meir Award, and the first recipient of the Sir Arthur C. Clarke Vision and Imagination Award.

Any questions? We get into lots of things. There's so much to talk about. Both Rev. Al and I are thrilled to know and call Rebecca a good friend. Thanks Rebecca!

You're gonna love this one! Enjoy!

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