Keiffer Mitchell
February 22, 2024

I think it's safe to say that the Rev and I love Keiffer Mitchell.  Imagine being him. Growing up in Baltimore in the Mitchell family, one of the city's most prominent families. They all always live up to high expectations.

Public service is how they do it. For Keiffer, it started with 12 years on the City Council –1995 through 2007. He then headed to Annapolis and served in the legislature. After that, he went on to serve as a close advisor to former Governor Larry Hogan.

What was it like to grow up in the Mitchell Family? Come along for the ride and learn what it was like to grow up as Keiffer Mitchell, a Boy's Latin Laker Alumnus and a former History teacher at that great institution.

Keiffer lays it all out there. He's a Baltimore treasure, from the days at the Farmers Market hand squeezing Oranges to the days of running for Mayor, and finally as Chief of Staff basically running the State. Keiffer is one of Baltimore's best Ambassadors and this conversation is real cool and refreshing.

In 1999 and in 2005, he was voted Baltimore's "Best Politician" by Baltimore City Paper. Among his community activities are his membership on the Echo Hill Outdoor School Board, the Family Tree Board, the Habitat for Humanity Board, and the Board of Trustees of the Boys' Latin School. A lifelong parishioner at Sharp Street United Methodist Church, he lives in Baltimore's historic Bolton Hill, where he serves on the board of his neighborhood association.

Keiffer Mitchell, living the life of a Mitchell in our great city.  Thanks Keiffer for all you have done for Baltimore. Keep rolling...

Friends, this is a great conversation...


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