Rabbi Andrew Busch
August 12, 2022

Rev. Al and I couldn't be more excited to welcome the teacher, Rabbi Andrew Busch – the leader of Baltimore's Oldest Jewish Congregation, the Baltimore Hebrew Congregation. A cool conversation in which we talk about the great history of his Synagogue from its origin in Baltimore City to its current home on the City/ County Line.

The discussion flows beautifully as these amazing men educate us on the roles that the Jewish and African American communities in Baltimore played in the civil rights movement, bringing together the interfaith community together here in Baltimore, and so much more....there's a tightness between those communities that you get a sense of and it's really powerful.

Current President of the Baltimore Jewish Council Rabbi Busch speaks to the power of building relationships in the community.  "Breaking out of our own walls" is something that he suggests as he speaks about the program developed by the late Honorable Elijah Cummings that brought Baltimore City youth to Israel to build on the African American and Jewish relationship.

Come along and learn from these two teachers. I was surrounded by Holiness – this one was definitely a Mitzvah for me! Thanks Rabbi Busch, for coming in! Baltimore is lucky to have you!

The Great Dr. Rev. Al Hathaway (He's Holy) and Martin G. Knott Jr (I'm Knott) bring forward special guests to talk about amazing things that are happening throughout the great city of Baltimore. We will be operating without a net and talking about everything under the sun. Who can stop what must arrive now, something new is waiting to be born!