Levar Stoney

We were out in Las Vegas with all of the developers in Maryland and as it turns out many Maryland-born developers have also started developing in Virginia. Well, who do we find at the Maryland Pool? My friend, Levar Stoney, the Mayor of Richmond, Virginia!

He grew up in Hampton Roads, went to James Madison, and his next stop was Richmond. He fell in love with it and so why not become the Mayor? The people of Richmond love him and he's done a great job as Mayor since being elected in 2016. It's a two term limit in Virginia for Mayor and one term for the Governor. The Mayor's success has many people in Virginia talking about a run for Governor in his future.

This conversation spans 40 minutes but starts with Rev. Al and the Mayor exchanging historical facts and family ties. The Rev. has family from Richmond and knows his stuff – the ensuing discussion is enlightening and fun. The City of Richmond is a place where Levar Stoney is making a huge difference. He is the 80th Mayor elected in Richmond history, and prior to that, he was the Secretary of State for Governor Terry McAuliffe – where he was the youngest member of the administration.

Levar Stoney is a winner, he knows how to build community, and he knows how to lead. As a result, the numbers across the board in Richmond are getting better. He's investing in parks and infrastructure to support a city on the rise. If you're a foodie like me, Richmond is a new hot spot.

Jump in and learn about what makes this guy tick. Rev. Al and I are so grateful for his time in between meetings and looking at deals for the City of Richmond. We were lucky to have him come by.

Thanks Levar, we appreciate you, your love for our neighbors to the south, and your open mind about government and how it can be better for the people... we can't wait to see what you do next!

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