Mike Gill
November 15, 2022

We couldn't be more pleased than to welcome the great Mike Gill. He loves Maryland and he loves Baltimore City – born and raised here.

Mike talks about his current role as Secretary of Commerce and he takes us back through the early days of his career where he was at the front of the wave for the Cellular revolution.

I met Mike when he was working for Americom and I was tasked with installing a new diffuser because he was a bit too hot...

Making people comfortable is a good way to connect and I have had the privilege of knowing Mike and watching him in his career.  He comes from a great Baltimore family, he's a Calvert Hall guy, and he and his family have all left their mark on the industries they have touched.

As Mike gets ready to hand off the baton to someone new, it's great to hear the excitement he brings to his job every day.

All Marylanders should be grateful that Mike lent us his precious time and I know that our state is better off for having him in there.

Rev. Al and I are so pleased to get things rolling again with this awesome conversation.

Stay tuned the next one is right around the corner.

The Great Dr. Rev. Al Hathaway (He's Holy) and Martin G. Knott Jr (I'm Knott) bring forward special guests to talk about amazing things that are happening throughout the great city of Baltimore. We will be operating without a net and talking about everything under the sun. Who can stop what must arrive now, something new is waiting to be born!