Walter Billips and Earl El-Amin
December 8, 2023

Wow, every once and a while we bring forward these great organizations from the heart our our community and they are doing amazing work, right in our backyard.  Walter Billips and Earl El-Amin are doing the work that's helping turn peoples lives in the right direction. 

The NCIA program runs five training courses for incredible jobs that can provide for a great living and each trainee receives skills applicable for anywhere in the world.

Let's take note.. HVAC/R, Automobile Repair. Drones, Commercial Drivers Training. CDL. Culinary Arts. 

They have a great group of choices for those that enter the program to do the hard work, and end up with jobs in our community. They enjoy great relationships with other non-profits in the City such as DCREP, the District Court Re-Entry Program, and they are super focused on members of the population that are returning citizens with a real focus on Veterans returning to the workforce.

Nothing comes for free, these programs give people an opportunity and developing skills is critical to that.

What a joy it was to welcome these guys. Rev. Al and I are both interested in the programs and we would love to help hire people from this program. Our next talk is going to be there when the Rev. and I pay them a visit. I am excited to see this exciting program in action. 

Rev. and Earl are familiar faces in the community and Walter is doing the lord's work out there. Tune in for a great discussion that's shines the light on NCIA and the incredible people that work there and the work they are doing. 

Gentlemen, thanks for catching up and thanks for giving men and women a second chance and a fresh start.

The Great Dr. Rev. Al Hathaway (He's Holy) and Martin G. Knott Jr (I'm Knott) bring forward special guests to talk about amazing things that are happening throughout the great city of Baltimore. We will be operating without a net and talking about everything under the sun. Who can stop what must arrive now, something new is waiting to be born!